Chasing Davies: The Bachelor Recap: Lots O' Crazy - I Mean, Fashion!

January 10, 2011

The Bachelor Recap: Lots O' Crazy - I Mean, Fashion!

Updated on 1/11 @ 7:11pm CST - scroll down!

Monday's episode (the 2nd one, airing Jan 2nd) was filled with annoying drama! The fashion was ALMOST masked by all of it, but thankfully I have my priorities straight... Let me know if you're looking for anything!

Lisa M. rocked a pretty green off the shoulder dress, by BCBG a couple summers ago on the 2nd episode of The  Bachelor.  You can find that dress on Ebay in size L (and another on Ebay in size M).

And some other green dresses a little similar:

Alice & Olivia Carla Twisted Tunic Dress; Another BCBG dress, more teal, from Ebay; Off-shoulder Green Dress from Asos

And Lisa wore her cute Anthropologie (from this past summer) foral necklace that she is wearing in her ABC Profile pic:
You can find similar necklace options here.

It was Michelle's bday in the 2nd episode - did you know that?  You may not have caught the few hundred times she mentioned it... but she did have a great teardrop turquoise necklace that was from Max&Chloe last summer.

 This necklace was from Max&Chloe this last summer, and is sold out now.  I LOVE turquoise necklaces (a la here, and here), so definitely wanted to provide some similar options:

Single beaded version of hers: Blue Turquoise Teardrop Necklace via Etsy; Smaller Version of hers: Sky Blue Teardrop Necklace via Etsy; Ralph Lauren Teardrop Turquoise Necklace via Bloomies; Most similar to Michelle's: Teardrop Turquoise necklace via Ebay.

As Pamela mentioned, this necklace also looks a lot like Anthroplogie's Stormy Seas Necklace from awhile ago. 

Michelle's pink skirt was pretty cute, too:

It has a slight drape in front and goes to the knee (yay, go Michelle for that!).  Here are some hot pink skirts:

 Hot pink drape skirt from Kimberly Taylor via Singer22 - Could be what Michelle was wearing, but I thought hers was a little longer; Embellished pink skirt via Asos

And speaking of Michelle, Madison was consoling her by giving a lil' shoulder rub when she was pouting about having to spend her bday with 14 others...and I noticed this:

A silly bandz!  Hah!  What??  From Vampire to Kid Flare?

And beyond fashion, I really loved Keltie's hair on the 15-girl date. I love braids, and thought she pulled it off very well for a fun, light-hearted look:
A braid headband!

And cute dress... Here are some coral dresses that are similar:

Greylin halter dress via eDressMe; Embellished Coral dress by A.B.S. via Bluefly

Everyone is asking about Emily's green & brown floral print dress she wore on the 2nd episode of The Bachelor.  So far I haven't found it - but will keep looking!  In the meantime, I'm also compiling some similar options for you all trying to get your hands on the look!

While I'll keep looking for Emily's actual dress - here are some similar options to tide you over:

Maggy London has a smaller floral print available on Overstock; Escada Bronze Floral Print Dress on Ebay; Phoebe Brown Mauve Floral Print Dress from Ebay size 12

I'll keep looking for more options!

Any fashion requests - something you saw and loved?  I can try to help locate it or find a look-a-like.  As I mentioned before, this was filmed Sept-Oct, so some of these pieces were probably purchased late Summer or already owned and may not be available any longer.