Chasing Davies: The Sequin Dress Update (Reviews)

December 6, 2010

The Sequin Dress Update (Reviews)

Remember a few weeks ago, I had a sequin dress post with some great options, one of which I ordered for myself...another I tried on later.  Both failed.  But found another one, and love it.  So here are some sequin dress updates if you are in search for one yourself!

Ordered Jessica Simpson's Collection Sequin Dress:

Review:  No.  Yuck.  I didn't even take a picture of me in it (sorry).  I received it at work, immediately ran to the bathroom to try it on (I had such high hopes) and then took it right off and sent it back that very day.

The Bad: The fit. This dress will best fit someone stick skinny that needs major curve help.  The skirt part of the dress skimmed the side of my hips, which was fine, but then it pooched out over my stomach making (under the seam) and pooched behind, over my butt.  If you look at this model, you can kind of see what I'm talking about.  So put that on a curvier person and not a model, it could be very iffy.

The Okay: The top was fitted and actually nice looking, but it hurt my under arms when they touched the side of the dress.  Those sequins can be sharp!  The dress is TTS fit, but cut is very limited to certain body shapes.

Then I tried there two gold dresses on at Macy's, both by INC:

Review: They are very similar.  One is 2 inches longer and V-neck (the left one), while the other is scoop neck and has a chiffon lining that peeks out of the edges of the dress (the right one). Both look a bit cheapity in person...

The Bad: Looks cheap-ish in person, and then I put it on and it looked even worse!  They are both pretty short for such gold bling and tight fit and the color was just not right.  I looked a bit hookerish.  Definitely not ok for my work party! :)

The Okay: The neck lines were nice.  Not to plunging, but flattering.

So after the 3 fails, I was feeling that a sequin dress in my budget range ($80-$150) was not going to cut it.  I was sad and deflated.

BUT THEN...I found a navy dress with black sequins, cap sleeves and chiffon peeking out from the edges by the same INC brand those horrible gold dresses are from.  I tried it on and LOVED it.  I don't know if it's new or old (though it wasn't on sale), but I haven't found it online.  I got it from my area Macy's store.

Pardon the horrible photo quality - I was in a dressing room with only my phone to capture it.
Review: Not itchy, smoother fit and not soo tight. It clinches in a little at the waist and has a slight A-line which is what I need for my hips.  It's a little shorter than I'd like, but the modest top and pair with tights and I think it is ok.  I could also get a chiffon slip that hung out an inch or so to lengthen the look of this dress.

I am wearing this dress this week for my work holiday party and will post a new photo of how I style it up and all complete next week!  Happy Sequin Shopping.