Chasing Davies: Last Call! New Year's 1 month Challenge!

December 29, 2010

Last Call! New Year's 1 month Challenge!

Hey all!!  Does it sound crazy?  Does it sound too hard?  Don't think you can do it?  Ah!  Through all those thoughts OUT the window!  I'm looking for more participants in the New Year - 1 month ONLY challenge.  You can read all the details here.

But the here's the gist: commit to running or walking (indoors or out) 100 miles in the month of January (or one month - if you have to get started a little late, just add the days accordingly).

100 miles in 1 month.  An average of 3.22 miles a day - however, can be done any way you want.  And yes, I get it that 100 miles is a lot.  But it's meant to be a challenge.  One month only!  You might have to do some two a days, you might have to work out 7 days in a row, you might not quite make the 100 miles - but you'll try and you'll work your butt in the time doing so!  And it's only one month.

Purpose? Kick start your new year and work out regimen.  And work off the holiday fun.  Ya.  You know what I'm talking about...

Oh and what's in it for you?  For those that reach their goal and follow the rules (just keep us posted on progress) will be entered to win something...TBD. :)

So email me, comment to this post , or here to let me know you're in.  Then I'll add your name (and link if you have one) here.

Then Jan. 1 - we'll start a group booty kickin' challenge and keep everyone motivated and posted.  So join me... me and Lulu, Ang, Tai, Bre, Kitty, Laurel, Jordyn, Sarah, Peggy, Diana, Lady Dove, Courtney... Rock Stars!