Chasing Davies: DIY Wreath: Christmas or Not

December 27, 2010

DIY Wreath: Christmas or Not

I hope you all had a GREAT holiday!  I am still celebrating - but hope to be back to my normal blogging routine soon. :) I hope you all can continue to spend a little family time cozied up next to a fire or out doing something fun.  And if stuck inside, I have a DIY project you can make all year around!  A yarn wreath.

 It doesn't need to be Christmas to make this!  I made a couple that can be hung year around, or simply edit the yarn & felt colors to coordinate with any upcoming holidays.  I'm just LOVING my yarn wreaths, so thought I'd share what I made and how to make them for an easy, fun project.

To make something like this:


What you need:
Yarn - I used Jiffy sweater yarn (it's a little fuzzy)
Straw wreath (made a couple with various sizes) - keep plastic wrap on
Felt (for flowers to adorn the yarn wreath)
And a little muscle...

Get comfy and just wrap the yarn around and around and around the wreath.  You will use at least one package of yarn (for small - medium wreath sizes).  The fuzzier yarn helps to hide gaps - but use any kind you want. To start and finish, just wrap the yarn around and with the end, tie a knot.  The knot will blend in to the rest of the yard - but I put mine in the back.

Once the wreath is covered in yard, you can adorn anyway you want!  I chose with felt flowers. I added red ones in there to be a little festive, but mixed with white and gray and the green/teal yarn base can be hung year around!

I started with a cut square of felt and then trimmed the edges in a wave motion:

The bigger the square (or rectangle in my case), the bigger the flower.

Then I cut in a circular to make a long ribbon, leaving an "eye' or little round/oval part in the middle, like so:

Then you take the end (non-eye end) and start forming the center of the flower - just continue to roll the felt up! I found this tutorial and idea for the Yarn Wreath at Take Heart.

They seem a little Anthropologie to me!  Enjoy!