Chasing Davies: Decking your Tables, Inspired by Anthro Store Displays

December 13, 2010

Decking your Tables, Inspired by Anthro Store Displays

Your house is all decorated for the holidays, you have the tree up, wreath hung and stockings strung.  What about the table? I saw the coolest table decor and centerpiece ideas at Anthropologie and was instantly inspired!

Bringing in a bit of outdoorsy elements (can be fake) can keep your table decked even long after holidays are over!  I love the wood pieces Anthro used to style up a table in-store:

 Tree trunk centerpieces with candles on top (though be careful lighting them on top of wood) & wood place settings with a plate on top!

Don't have trees you can chop down to recreate this look? That's ok... some other options:

Foam (or something else) cylinder to the size of your choice with hot glued corrugated cardboard wrapped around.  Anthro had something of the sort in there store that got to the same point as the real trunks (and no wood was harmed):

To recreate the place settings, you can find several Etsy stores filled will reclaimed and recycled wood or purchase at any craft store or online at Hofcraft.  If you are feeling really crafty - you can make your own wood plaque!  I'm purchasing.... :)

Wood plaques as place settings - simply place a plate (festive or not) on top!

Another center piece idea: if you are for lower-than-eye-level table center pieces, use the wood plaques to place candles on in the center.  When looking for ideas for this portion - I stumbled upon an awesome DIY cake stand (or candle stand for the centerpiece) that anyone could do!

I love all the woodsy elements!  Perfect for home decor or a wedding (like a friend of mine! She is using wood plaques to hold candles at the center of her tables.).  I'll be making the wood cake stands soon... stay tuned!