Chasing Davies: Shoe(s) of the Day: Target Boot Reviews

November 16, 2010

Shoe(s) of the Day: Target Boot Reviews

After last year's big Target boot hit, I was wondering how this year's collection of boots would be.  I finally got to Target to try some on and snap a few IRL pics...

Mossimo Supply Co. Kachiri Leather Americana Boots:

 For $50, these are bit on the more pricey side for Target... but the material (they say leather) looks pretty good and the color is a pretty greyish-taupe.  Here they are on me:

The only thing I didn't like was how loose the ankle part was and thin the actual boot shaft is.  You can see how wrinkly the combo of this makes the boots when on.

Size - I find that all Target boots run a bit small.  I'd go up at least a half size and I actually went up a full size.

On the up side, besides what I already have mentioned - they fit even bigger calves ( like mine)!

Other cute boots I saw...

 Mossimo Supply Co. Kaden Tall Buckle Boots in Tan - These are cute and I love the Red zipper up the back.  They only had small sizes left in my Target store, so I wasn't able to try them on.

The top buckle around the opening of teh boot allows you to customize the opening to fit small to bigger calve sizes!

These are the same boots in the above, but in black with no red zipper.
I don't usually like cheaper boots in black, because I think it is easier to see that they are of lesser quality and look cheap.

I have enough boots, so not int he market for any of these, but if I were, I'd get the first pair!  
Do you have any of this season's Target's boots?