Chasing Davies: Bedroom Carpet Options

November 3, 2010

Bedroom Carpet Options

By carpet, I mean Flor carpet tiles.  A couple months ago I posted about some options of all sorts of colors and textures for my bedroom.  I've now narrowed down the color I want, but still need your help!  Please vote by commenting to this post...I'd really appreciate your feedback.

The Flor Carpet Contestants...
 Photos from Flor

The room it's going in...

This room was designed around no real theme or solid ground, but a collection favorite colors.  It started with the bedding - hubs and I finding something we both liked (a feat).  Then moving into our home and painting the walls a light blue color (another agreement) and slowly the painting all wood furniture, which will modernized the room. The light blue walls, dark brown furniture and steel colored duvet/pillows looked cool together, but also felt a bit too cool.  So I started trying to add some other accent colors to warm up the space, like green (DIY headboard) and yellow.  I think yellow flooring around the bed will add a pop of warmth to the room - what do you think?  What yellow (bright, muted, etc) Flor Tile do you think?

Thanks for your help!