Chasing Davies: Outfit of the Day: My Military Moment

October 7, 2010

Outfit of the Day: My Military Moment

Or rather, when Military met Michael Jackson.  If MJ was in the military, I bed he'd wear a similar top...

Using this in-between weather (it's October, but it's still sunny and 70-80s) and wearing some new Chicago goods, I dabbled in my first Military try:

I wore my new tunic/dress from H&M with beaded shoulders over a ruffle Target skirt.  I like the dress over the skirt, except that you can see the ruffles through the dress a bit... Next time I can wear a long tank top or something else to smooth that part down.

Shoulder detail:

And my new boots, thanks to Nordstrom Rack:

...and tall olive green socks, but bare legs until the temps drop a bit so I can wear all my fun tights!

I LOVE tights in bright colors, think fabric, opaque, etc! Any tight, I will ware it.