Chasing Davies: Shoe of the Day: Gearing Up for Winter with a Dress for Less

September 10, 2010

Shoe of the Day: Gearing Up for Winter with a Dress for Less

I know, I know - mention of winter, already?  It's not even dropped below 80 degrees yet!  Ok, but hear me out.  Last year I about froze off my tootsies when I was caught off-guard in the first few winter blizzards and the absolutely wrong foot wear (a la rain boots...).

Of course by the time I tried to find some proper footwear, it was next to impossible.  Everything was sold out and what was left was small or huge sizes or not at all my style.  So when I was approached to do a review on a pair of great, WARM boots - I was excited to get going on gearing up for winter.  After all, I've already purchased a cute pair of boots, and now I need a practical pair. :)

So when you think of a warm winter immediately think Uggs, right?  Even though, as you may have heard me rant about before, I think Uggs are pretty Ugg-ly, I think that are super practical.  Practical, but expensive. For $140, I'd rather buy these.

Anyways, you can have your cake and eat it too - Dress for Less:

Instead of spending $140 on the UGG Australia on the left, you can get almost the same thing (quality and all) for $94.  And I'm not talking about fakes.  I'm talking about real Ugg Boots (which the meaning is boots made from sheepskin), but from a different brand.

Enter the Whooga Boots. They come in a variety, but I chose to review the above Weave Boot.

Have you heard about the Whooga before?  They are Ugg Boots that cost less and lined with Thermofleece, thicker and more comfortable than any other brand.  I agree with this since I do have the UGG Australia boots and compared them to these.  They lining was plushier, softer and warmer.  So these boots will get me through the bitter winter!

I ordered the boots, and within a week they arrived, cutely packaged:

Boy they look pretty cute!  Here they are folded down:

The inside, plushy soft lined thermofleece:

Don't you just want to sink you foot into that?

And on my feetsies, pulled up, folded down, and from behind:

They even fit over my above larger than average calves. :)

So, my final thought?  
Save yourself some bucks, and instead of buying maybe more well-known, UGG Australia brand boots, check out Whooga Ugg Boots for the same sheepskin styled with a warmer, softer lining, similar styles and comfortable footing.