Chasing Davies: Considering FLOR

September 22, 2010

Considering FLOR

Before winter comes and leaves my bare hardwood floors ally chilly - I'm considering FLOR Carpet Tiles for a custom area rug - starting with my bedroom (for when I get out of bed in the morning)!  Has anyone ever used FLOR?

The site describes them as a modular carpet tile - easy to customize, move around, replace and environmentally friendly.  It is said to "hug" a hard surface floor and the adhesive (FLORdots) rounds hold the squares together without touching your floor.

I'm considering a few different styles for my bedroom, and probably going to go ahead and order some samples...but my one concern is that this carpet and it's "hugging" won't harm my wood floors in anyway.  I haven't been able to find anything about that.

Here are the options I'm leaning towards, but first where it will go:

Right in front of that dog (whose bed no longer lives there) and around the corner of the bed, leading to the bathroom (in front of the window); aka my side of the bed.

The Options:

Graphite - might blend to much with the bedding

Thick and Thin Striped 

or more solid and bold to bring some color in - Lime or Yellow.

So, have you heard anything about FLOR, especially with hardwoods you don't want ruined or have them yourself?  What do you think about the tile options with my room?