Chasing Davies: A break from the Remix: Triathlon Clothing

August 26, 2010

A break from the Remix: Triathlon Clothing

In between my remix challenge outfits, I'm wearing this t-shirt non-stop.

I completed my first triathlon this past weekend!  It was the "short" course length comprised of a 500 meter open water swim in Longview lake, 12 mile crazy hilly bike (where I was one of only a few on a mountain bike = newbie) and 3 mile run in the blazin' sun!  It was intensely hard, but so great at the same time!  I was so glad to have done it, and can't wait to do another!

We were given the above t-shirt, and I'm wearing it the rest of the week while lounging around as my badge of honor. :)

Being my first tri, I took some suggestions and a leap of faith on what to wear.  I was super happy with my selections without spending $150+ for a tri suit!  Here are the pieces I used, and that I'll easily wear again:

All by Athleta: 
Tri Spin Shorts - have slight padding in the rear to get your through the bike, but not enough to soak up water and make me feel like swamp-ass.  I wore these shorts over the swim suit for a faster transition between swim and bike (pulling on tight shorts over a wet suit and body is hard). They didn't budge and felt great through all 3 sports! I'm wearing these shorts in the top photo.
Tarpon One Piece Suit - This suit has a full bottom to avoid a wedge while running and a sports bra on top for better support and to keep you in place.  The open back makes this suit feel like a two piece.
Zipper Daybreak Top - Once you get out of the water, you want something easy to slip on and that will wick away water and upcoming sweat.  I got this sleeveless top that had a 3/4 of the way zipper.  I laid it on my bike at my transition area unzipped 1/2 way down.  This allowed me to easily slip it on and zip it up on my bike.

Now that I have the clothes down, for my next tri, I hope to have an easier bike...I got whizzed by tons of road bikes.  While I love my mountain bike and it's a good one - a hilly triathlon course is no place for it!