July 15, 2010

Madonna's Material Girl Fashion Line

Have you heard about Madonna's fashion line, named after herself, of course, Material Girl?  Announced early March, the launch of the clothing line (available exclusively at Macy's) is near, coming to stores August 3rd!  It is reported that her daughter helped design some of the pieces, and that it's a bit too-80s crazed.

Gossip Girl's Taylor Momsen is the face of the fashion line.

While this line seems to be a little too 80s-heavy for me, the prices and a few pieces have peaked my interest enough for me to at least check out come 8/3/10!

The July 12th issue of US Weekly had a blurb on the line (pg. 67), and this gray blazer with yellow lining caught my eye, and it's only $34 price tag:

Some other pieces of the line (as shown by NY Times):

What do you think? Too 80s? Could be fun? Will you check it out?


  1. Hmm, I agree with you on the grey blazer, I will probably check that out as well! LOVE the yellow lining.

  2. I heard about this and was wondering what the prices would be like:) I am not to into heavy 80's look either but i am sure it will be successful!


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