Chasing Davies: Shoe of the Day - Nude AND Metallic Heels

May 18, 2010

Shoe of the Day - Nude AND Metallic Heels

Nude shoes, whether they're heels, sandals or flats are definitely in right now.  A go-with-anything shoe that can extend your legs for days.

And these Seychelles Card Shark heels have an added bonus - a touch of metallic:

And on another note - if you ever buy anything online, you should definitely have an Ebates account.  I'm sure you've heard of this from other blogs or elsewhere - but now you can hear my review.  I signed up for an account (FREE) a couple months ago, and then every time I want to buy something online, I follow these simple steps:

First sign in to my Ebates account 
Search for the site via their search bar 
Click on the "Shop Now" link next to searched site
It opens a new browser to shop and buy away

So what is the benefit?  Buy following these steps, you accrue cash back!  For instance, right now, you can get 11% cash back on purchases from Piperlime.  The cash back percentages change day to day, store to store.  Before you can start getting money back on things you were ALREADY going to need to sign up for an account! Sign up here.

Right now Ebates is celebrating their 11th Birthday by offering 11% cash back on many stores, like Gap stores, Sephora, Macy's, Ann Taylor, and more. 

And like you need even more incentive...sign up now and you'll get $5 right away. Easy-peasy.  So, like I said, I've been using for a couple months and already got a check for $20.  AKA, I shop too much.  But $20 for buying what I was already going to buy for no extra work or hassle - I'll take it.  Give it a whirl!