Chasing Davies: Bye-Bye Naked Windows! Part 1

April 21, 2010

Bye-Bye Naked Windows! Part 1

So after last weekends adventure to find window coverings, I found some and not at all what I was planning to find...  Once I got out there, I broadened my horizons and came up with a whole new idea!

My inspiration was actually from my living room book shelf I recently debuted:

How so, you ask?  What was it, you wonder??

This little turquoise ceramic vase (2nd shelf up) from Target.
It looks so nice on my shelf, in my yellow and gray room - it hit me!  Turquoise curtains...

So I tried several kinds of curtains in that color family and even a couple greens to see the difference and options, we settled on a kind that was still airy and let light in, but that had a pretty color, like the vase.

The winner:
Lucky in love with Target....Rocky Road Crushed Taffeta Window Panels

And now IRL:

What do you think?