Chasing Davies: Fabulous Upholstered Benches

March 8, 2010

Fabulous Upholstered Benches

I saw this amazingly perfect upholstered storage bench in gray and white stripes from Target a week ago.  I huff and puffed to hubs, "OMG I have to have this.  I love this so much.  I want it!!"  He calmly responded, "wait one week, and if you still want it, we can get it."  So...

It. is. on. it's. way. 

Storage. Um, awesome.  
IRL pics to come, when it arrives.  Not 100% sure where it's going to go, but have a few ideas. :)

And here are a few more that are just as darling...
Robin Blue 


Um, Houndstooth, I love you.

Floral, with yellow pops. :)