Chasing Davies: White Wonderland: Home Update

February 9, 2010

White Wonderland: Home Update

Last week the house was prepped for major painting. Tons of papering the floor, ceiling, windows and doors. This past weekend all the wood work was primed...not the finished glossy white that'll be, but covered up the ugly carmeled wood work for a bright white! It's beginning to look a lot like...a white winter wonderland in here:

Before, Paper and prepped:

Currently, Snowy white with prime (living room & dining room):

Primed and the addition of wainscoting panels to the Dining Room:
Light and Bright:

I'm already loving the lighter wood trim! It makes the house so bright and big looking!
Next step: finishing the wood prep (filling nail wholes), and then wall paints!

Lots of paint fumes going on in my home this week...