Chasing Davies: Shoe of the Day; Reeboks (seriously)

February 3, 2010

Shoe of the Day; Reeboks (seriously)

I got a belated Christmas gift this past weekend from my mama. She had tried to get me the popular new Reebok athletic shoes in December, but they were sold out everywhere! Finally a new shipment, of a grand total of EIGHT pairs, came to the near by sporting store and she snatched up my size!

Reebok Easytones aren't just your typical running shoes. They're supposed to tone your legs with the air pocket-like patented sole technology, which emulates walking on sand.

I got the lime green ones!

So, I took my new tennies on a test run this weekend when I went for a walk with the pup. Not only did my legs (hamstrings and butt) feel more engaged, but they are wonderful on the joints! The technology in the sole make each step more cushioned. I love them!

The only hard part is getting them. They go fast!