Chasing Davies: Green Candy Striper Dresses with a Pop of Blue

February 28, 2010

Green Candy Striper Dresses with a Pop of Blue

Sorry to bombard you all with so much striped content, but I love it. And I'm still loving my new Anthro buy: the Four Petal Cardi.  The green stripes with blue accent zipper really appeal to me.  And then I found this:


This dress if from Shabby Apple and I love it.  It is very Anthro-like.  Would it be too much if I got it since I have the Four Petal Cardi that is so similar?

Also similar, this dress from the Limited:

Or for cheaper options:

Color block dress with solid green & stripes on the top.

More teal than green, but similar and cheap by Forever21.

Another more teal striped dress, but cute!

Then just add that pop of blue in a belt:

Thankfully my husband already owns a tie similar to this:

So we can match. ;)

What do you think?  You ok with green taking over red for the new candy striper outfit?  I love it!