Chasing Davies: Oats for Breakfast

January 13, 2010

Oats for Breakfast

Lately I've been obsessed with variations of oats for breakfast, and have discovered a few different ways - with many other ways yet to be discovered/explored - to make my oats.

Not only is this breakfast extremely filling (keeps me full for hours longer than my previous Oatmeal packets and yogurt), but it's healthy and you control what goes in it.

To make the oat base, I use any old fashion oats on sale and Aria protein powder.

Then I blend the two up in my Magic Bullet (which I LOVE, but you can use any ol' blender or eat the oats whole, as they come!)

I like the texture of the blended oats and gives it the chance to mix the protein powder - but that is my preference.

Some ways I've been eating this oat base:

Sweet almond butter & bananas to fill you up...Start with the oat base (blended up oats with protein powder), and add a spoon full of almond butter, two drops (about 1/4 tsp) of Blue Agave (or any natural sweetener you prefer) and 1/2 cup of Almond Breeze (or any milk substitute/milk you want).

Mix it up, microwave for about a minute and the top with sliced bananas:


Chocolate for breakfast?!? Whaaaat? yes.

Start with the base - oats (blended or whole, however you like it) & protein powder, then add a few chocolate chips (no other sweetner is needed with these little morsels).

Then just use water (instead of Almond Breeze or milk) - the Chocolate melts when warmed up and adds a bit off creamy texture to the oat blend.

For extra fullness and oomph, add cut up (or mushed up for a different texture) bananas:

Instead of bananas you could just peanut or almond butter for a mixture of chocolate and peanut butter oats.

How do you eat oats??