December 1, 2009

Simple Holiday Decorating

Happy December! (whoa!? December...?)

Now that the Holidays are fully upon us - I will share a few of my simple decorating ideas. Nothing ground breaking, but maybe a bit interesting and definitely simple?

My first DIY Holiday idea...Do you have a cake dome? Well, if you currently don't have cake to use it for, try filing it up with pretty ornaments like I did. Use it for a centerpiece.



For other centerpieces or mantel decoration ideas, I used large glass vases I found at Marshals, but have also seen at Walmart, as my base.

For one, I filled with scented (Cinnamon) pine cones (found at Walmart):

For the second one, I used the same ornaments I used in the cake dome. I got these ornaments at Target. Just simple round ornaments in different colors and sizes:

The glass vases and cake dome were things I already had at my house. Hopefully you can find items around your house to transform into decorations.

Stay tuned...more to come in the next week!


  1. I do the pinecones in a vase each year. Now the cake dome...haven't tried. Gonna copy this one for sure.

  2. I like the pinecones in the vase! I bet they would look good in the cake dome, too. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. And they look even cuter in person! Love, love, love this!


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