Chasing Davies: Rodarte for Target - Disappointed

December 21, 2009

Rodarte for Target - Disappointed

I, like many others on the blogosphere, checked out the new line by Rodarte at Target this past weekend, but what I found...a big fat "EH?!" These clothes looked and felt cheaper than all the other Target clothes. But I still moved ahead to try a few pieces on... and my "EH" turned into "ICK!"

So, as you can tell, I wasn't a big fan, and I'll tell you why, but let me apologize up front for the negative review. Let me also say, that I bet some of these pieces (maybe the less cheap looking and feelings ones) most definitely would look a big better on different types of bodies - not including mine.

So let's begin my review, shall we?

Lace Halter Floral Dress
I didn't even try this one on. It just reminds me of little bow peep:

Not up online.
Sequin animal print dress.
This might have been my favorite thing I tried on. But I still wasn't a fan.
It was a bit cheesy and trashy - the sequins and the animal print just pushed it too far.
Maybe if they had just stuck to one trend.

Crepe Slip Lace Dress
Not flattering. Thin lingerie slip-like dress with a thin, cheap layer of tulle over top. It was itchy, too.
The one part I did like: the bows on the shoulders.

Tulle Crepe Lace Skirt

This skirt might even be worse than the dress above. Another lingerie slip-esq piece with a thin layer of crappy tulle over top. I didn't try this on. Just felt it and moved on.
It felt itchy and thin, looked like bad lingerie to boot.
And speaking of boots, these boots in the picture are awful - what a bad styling.

Mesh Lace Floral Design Top

The arms/sleeves on this top is an "old" and unflattering cut. Maybe a capped sleeve or tank would have worked better for this see-through flower patterned lace top. It was itchy too.

In the end, I recommend spending your dollars elsewhere - it's still not even that cheap, way more than Forever21. F21's quality is even better than this - so go there for similar styles if craving the tulle, lace and animal print. (In my opinion)

Did any of you have better luck with this line?