Chasing Davies: Fabulous Peaks!

December 14, 2009

Fabulous Peaks!

I've been noticing lots of good inspiration peaks ever since my Pottery Barn Class - posted about here. Check out some of these amazing moments:

In the Bedroom:

Beautiful peak with an antiqued looking mirror and ceramic lamps on this beautiful dresser.
Thanks to Micah for introducing me to LonnyMag and seeing this bright green inspiration.

Creating an off-centered peak with art work and utilizing the table lamps and nightstand belongings to bring it down

I love the off-centered peaks of frames, sconces and a headboard.

Mantels and Living Rooms:

A peak above the couch with frames and cascaded down with the table lamp

Beautiful mirror above the mantel creates the top of this artsy peak

I love this Paris theme. The picture in the middle is the top of this peak

Double peaks on either side of the big window. The flowers in the middle are the tops of the peaks and the plates cascade down. Perfectly symmetrical.


Maybe more of a pyramid than a peak if you are working with a round table.
I like the use of magazines and books for lift.

Photos from House Beautiful, Domino and LonnyMag.