Chasing Davies: Christmas Gift: Multi-Tasking Jewelry

December 30, 2009

Christmas Gift: Multi-Tasking Jewelry

A great gift I got from a dear friend this season....not just a gorgeous ring, but a lovely perfume too!

Marc Jacobs Lola Solid Perfume Ring

The solid perfume is hidden under the flower - you just slide it over to reveal. Talk about a multi-tasking jewelry piece! I am wearing this ring with my NYE outfit! :)

Other cute muti-tasking jewelry and perfumes:

Marc Jacobs Daisy Solid Perfume Necklace
This perfume pendant would look pretty strung on a gold chain.

DKNY Be Delicious Solid Perfume Key Chain

Vintage Max Factor Solid Hypnotique Perfume Necklace
This fish necklace with perfume is from the 50s/60s. Who knows how well the solid perfume has held up, but the necklace is really cool.

Kat Von D Solid Perfume Ring