Chasing Davies: Newport-News Mega Cute Shoes!

October 22, 2009

Newport-News Mega Cute Shoes!

Seriously!!! I just happened to fall on this site (which I hardly ever visit) looking for something else, and found several very cute shoes at very low prices...thought I should share!

Shoe boot with bold, golden front zipper - $30

Peep-toe sandal - $34

Velvet peep-toe T-straps - $40

Holiday Party Shoe Options? Gorgeous, and look way more expensive that are priced...

Jeweled Flat with pointed toe - $29

Bejeweled pump - $34

Elegant satin pump - $50

These are quite lovely and tempted to make a purchase (or two), but must admit - I have never tired Newport-News shoes. Have any of you? How is the quality and comfort?

And now I'm finding some cute a post on that to come! :)