Chasing Davies: Living Room Inspirations: Yellow and Grey

October 7, 2009

Living Room Inspirations: Yellow and Grey

An update on my house... it's still coming along, slowly, but finding inspirations help to keep me on track! Remember my blue bedroom inspirations? I have a beautifully painted blue room now, and the rest of it is coming along - I'll be able to provide a half-way finished update and look into that room next week.

But for now...the living room. I've been thinking how I want to decorate this room, as we're starting from a blank, or mostly blank slate!

Current look:

Those plaid couches will be going down to the den for more casual family room (right now that den is filled with boxes...)
White Walls
Wood Floors

This stays: New TV Console

Inspiration Colors: Yellow, Grey and White

yellow and grey color inspiration @ Chasing Daviestexturez

Inspirations Living Rooms:

Yellow walls with wood (but on the ceiling here):yellow paint walls and wood living room @ Chasing Davies Rainy Day Wishes

Yellow and Grey Mix:
yellow and grey living room @ Chasing DaviesChannel 4

Hello yellow walls with white fireplace:Yellow paint walls with white trim fireplace @ Chasing Davies Country Living

Inspiration Pieces:

Grey Couch
Grey couch @ Chasing Davies
Made By Girl Blog

Yellow and Grey Pillows
West Elm Yellow and Grey Pillows @ Chasing DaviesDecor Pad

Yellow and Grey Pillow from Target @ Chasing DaviesTarget

Beautiful Grey Art, and a reminder...
LOVE grey art from Etsy @ Chasing DaviesMade By Girl Etsy Shop

It'll all start by a new grey couch... then the transformation will begin!
Feel free to send any suggestions and/or yellow and grey inspirations you find my way! I need all the help I can get.
Stay tuned...