October 13, 2009

House Updates: Somethings Taking Shape, Some Not...

2.5 weeks in the house. 2.5 more years it will take to finish...hah. Here's some updates:

The Master Bedroom is taking shape...I've started sanding the first of 5 pieces of furniture. That part will take awhile, just going to do piece be piece and deal with mismatching furniture. I promise to post a picture of the master this week (pre-matching and finished stained furniture). Here are a couple of pics of parts of the room:

Jewelry displays in bedroom
My corner of the dresser.
Some of my jewelry and perfumes.
Remember my old dresser at my old house?

Chuckie-boy Rufus in his big bed with his blanket (it's cold here in KC).
He sleeps on the floor right beside my side of the bed.

One home purchase I made this weekend was this wood and metallic piece of art:

Crown Metallic and Wood Art
And I thought this would be oh-so-funny hung here:

King of the Thrown Bathroom IdeaIn the pepto bathroom, right above the toliet...
Get it? King of the thrown?
Ok, so maybe I'm the only one that thought that was funny...
Anyways - until we redo the entire bathroom, it will remain pink, with grey accents (towels, decorations, shower curtain...)

The china cabinet we purchased from the original home owners is stocked and organized...

China Cabinet filled up and orgainizedChina Cabinet Organized with White Dishes
It's only fair to provide a peek into the chaos rooms that aren't done? The dumping ground, as we call it...

Future Guest Bedroom....

Future Family Room and Home of the plaid couches...


  1. Our upstairs bathroom is that same pink color!

  2. Chuckie looks so happy in his new bed! Your china cabinet is beautiful.

    I received my package today, thank you so much! I love it! Yours came in the mail today (I had to order it) and I will send it out tomorrow. When you receive it, keep in mind that I ordered last week...before reading your fall wants!

  3. Your dog is adorable!!! Love the king of the thrown.

  4. We have an award for you! Please stop by and accept it.

  5. Very exciting... can't wait to see the newly-stained bedroom furniture. Charlie is too cute :)

  6. I just love the wood and metallic art! Rufus looks super comfy in his big bed. May I ask where you found it? Our girls would love it, too!

  7. Chuckie Sof's bed is from Costco. We love their beds. :) and good cost.


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