Chasing Davies: Fun Legs - Colored Tights

October 17, 2009

Fun Legs - Colored Tights

How do you cover your legs in the winter? Do you rock tights - maybe go out on a limb and add a bright splash of color to your legs?

Bright Tights
I love tights and think it's a fun way to spice up the dreary grey of winter.

J.Crew bright colored tights @ Chasing DaviesI like how J.Crew dons them. These looks are unique, fun and yet, classy and put-together.

Gossip Girl Bright colored tights @ Chasing daviesThe Gossip Girls traipse around in these bright hued tights.

Bright colored tights on the runway Erin Fetherston @ Chasing DaviesThe runway introduced us to adding bright legs into our outfits.
Erin Fetherston

What colors to you like to like to wear or that you'll experiment with?