Chasing Davies: Wear Now, Wear Later - Fall-like Suede Flats

September 15, 2009

Wear Now, Wear Later - Fall-like Suede Flats

In relation to my last post and most recent purchase, I'm featuring the Target Ruffle Flat in the very beautiful Fall Pink color for today's Wear Now, Wear Later post!

These flats are perfect for Fall. A suede link fabric, and rich jewel-tone color, these flats will go far into Fall. We're all jumping to slip into our new-season clothes and shoes (boots!), but some of us are still dealing with Summer-like temps. Here's how to incorporate your new Fall purchases into the current-still-warm temps.

Cute Summer Day:
Pair these Fall-pink shoes with a bright sunny-Summer dress that'll keep you cool and cute.

Further into Fall and Winter (the rubber sole will help keep your feet on the ground once the ice starts falling!):

Tights! My favorite cool-weather accessory, and teal is a must. Pair these jewel-tone tights under a neutral cord skirt for pop. Top this look with a striped shirt, using the same tones as the skirt. Layer on another pop of color, using a similar tone from the shoes or the tights - in this case, I've added a cardigan in a wine-color. You can add a belt to this look as well, either over the cardigan to cinch at the waist or around the hips in the belt loops of the skirt. This belt ties in with the darker stripes of the shirt.

I'm definitely going to put these types of outfits to use with my new Target Ruffle Flats! :)