September 14, 2009

Shoe of the Day - Christian Siriano Review & Blister Preventer

Christian Siriano for Payless, Saunter Flats in teal ($29.99):

Check out the Christian Siriano's Saunter Flats in real life:

Don't mind the ugly work-place carpet.

The in real life test passes! I think these are super cute on my co-worker. She says they are pretty comfy (and I tried them on, yet didn't walk around in them, and would agree), with the typical new-shoe pinches. So, I suggest being proactive (and for any cheaper shoe) and carrying around this handy little bottle of Body Glide :

This travel-sized deodorant shaped and size bottle helps prevent blistering. Just glide it over the spots where shoes pinch and rub for a protective barrier against your skin. One of my best friend's carries this around in her purse and whips it out whenever her shoes start to pinch!