Chasing Davies: Necklaces: In Real Life

September 7, 2009

Necklaces: In Real Life

Hello! Hope everyone had a fabulous loooong weekend! Mine was super busy with tons of family and friends = fun stuff!

Recently I've posted a couple necklaces that I own, and have been asked to share what they look like IRL. Last Friday, from my dress for less post, I featured this necklace from Forever 21:

Twisted Chiffon Pearl Necklace

Here is mine, dressing up my plain American Apparel V-neck T:

I love the chiffon material added to the necklace. You could do get your own piece of fabric or chiffon and sew together in a long strip and tie to one of you own mid-length necklaces, or get this one for only $11!

And remember this necklace I posted about ordering?

Etsy Shop: Whiteowl

It arrived last week, and I wore it Friday night with a black dress. I love it just as much in person as in the picture!

It's just a fun, whimsical piece to dress up a simple outfit. The only alteration I might make is to put an extender on the back of the necklace to make it a tad longer.

What do you think?