Chasing Davies: House Progress?

September 28, 2009

House Progress?

Well, I guess there has been progress, but man there still feels like a LOT left to do. Hubs and I have been hard at work and this past weekend was BUSY, but fun. :)

After unloading the POD and getting everything somewhere in the house, Saturday my parents helped me paint the master bedroom Viking Blue. Still aiming to achieve that beautiful serene blue bedroom.

*quite obviously not the final "after", but the walls sure are pretty!

Then on Sunday, Hubs and I (well mainly Hubs, while I organized my closet...) ripped out carpet in the one room containing it - the extra room that will be our office.


Obviously we still have loads to do...wall paper, paint, unpack, organize, new couch, get appliances and TV console on Wednesday, plumbing make-over is still taking place, move master bedroom furniture into the room, stain and reface furniture, get the entire house trim, crown molding and floor boards painted white - interior doors and closet doors too. I'll just take it one thing at a time.

You can also follow my house before and afters, and many other people's on "What I Did With It"!