Chasing Davies: Free (or Cheap) ways to Shop

August 12, 2009

Free (or Cheap) ways to Shop

Sometimes you just gotta cut out spending money. Probably more so in this economic environment or to save for something more important than clothes, shoes and jewels... Here is a way to still add to your closet and shop for free (or cheap), all while getting rid of some of those things in your own closet that you haven't touched in a year or more.

Last month, some friends and I of similar sizes got together for a Swap Party. We each brought snacks and wine and our clothes that we were ready to part with for good and some we just needed a break from. We laid them all out and went "shopping". Somethings people gave away for good and the borrowed items were written down to keep track of where it went. This was a FREE way to get rid of things I was sick of and get some new things to freshen up my closet...

Today, my work had a similar event. Everyone, for the last couple weeks, was encouraged to clean our their closets and bring in anything they didn't want or fit anymore. We laid them out by categories and opened up for all to come by and "shop" - this time for $1 an item - any item (coats, dresses, items with tags, purses, jewelry, etc). All the money raised was donated to our company's charity, Head for the Cure.

Head for your Closet Event
You should try this with a group of your friends or co-workers. Turn Dinner Club or Game night or Book Club night into more, by adding a shopping element. It was a great time, any excuse to shop, drink wine and catch up with friends...!