Chasing Davies: DIY Romantic Floral Necklace

July 14, 2009

DIY Romantic Floral Necklace

Inspired by Anthropologie's Windflower necklace and the lovely lady on the streets of Paris...

and inspired by a previous project, a chiffon belt, I recently did...I made a chiffon ribbon necklace. I think this is quite pretty. I'll update this when I wear and how it is fashioned.

The steps:

1. Compile your supplies: Ribbon, bobby pins, fabric clue, chiffon or light fabric, matching thread, a needed, clasp and beads (optional).
2. Form the necklace base with the ribbon. Use the fabric glue to glue down the shape - use the bobby pins to secure it while it dries.
3. The fabric should be cut into squares. Grab one square from the middle to make a bud.
4. Sew to the ribbon. Add beads in the middle of floret if desired. Add florets along the ribbon to desired consistency.
5. Once the fabric florets are sewn on, create the clasp at the end of the ribbon ends.
6. Clasp