January 30, 2013

An outfit of mixed elements

These pants might be my current favorites... They are wild (for me)! I usually tend to wear dark colored pants or avoid all together and stick with skirts and dresses.  Usually these thighs have me limited, but with the right top (aka a tunic) and amount of stretch, I'm making it work!  

In hindsight, I would have gone with a bare top of foot and height with wedges. 
There is always next time...

{Outfit details: vest; shirt- similar; pants; boots; glasses - similar; lips}

Prints pants of all kinds of prints and patterns are in - what is your favorite patterned pants to wear (and from where!)?



  1. Love the pants!


  2. I totally LOVE these!! They look fab. on you!

  3. I have to ask - how do they fit? True to size? I'm thinkin' about ordering a pair!

    1. Yes! I do think they're true to size + stretchy, so really comfortable!

  4. Love the fur vest, so cosy :-)



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