Chasing Davies: August 2011

August 31, 2011

Other Creative Outlets

As my body is rapidly changing, my clothing options are getting more limited.  I'll need a few days or weeks to re-spark my creative juices in the styling department to fit this new hump.  Until then, I've been putting more focus on my hair.  

Like today's milk braids.  Started with two french braided pig-tails twisted blindly into a low bun and secured with about 10 bobby-pins.

{Hot pink tee - Forever21, Ivory necklace - H&M, Congnac belt - Target, Floral skirt - Old Navy - 20% off with ONSAVE20 thru today, Oxford flats - Nine West}

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August 30, 2011

Dumpster Diving

I love finding the most random places to take an outfit post... like the inside of a (mostly) empty dumpster.  Because that is a normal site to see.... All you other outfit bloggers - where is the most random/strange place you've ever taken an outfit photo?

In other news, I've hopped upon the military vest wagon and LOVING my Old Navy vest.  I can see this being an easy piece to throw on to make many plain outfits a bit more interesting in the coming months (plus my baby bump can stick right out).

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August 29, 2011

Favorite Blogger Outfit: My Kinda Print Lovin' Lady!

This is a girl after my own heart.  Shelly from GS Lillian Daily DOMINATES print mixing in this amazingly lux-looking outfit.  Even better?  It's all from Target... Um, I faint.  I love it so.

Shelly was also so kind to answer a few questions, mainly I was curious to learn more about how she gets dress int he morning (and therefore channel her creativity):

 What is your numero uno inspiration for putting together such creative outfits - if you had to pick just one?
Shelly: Did you mean just two?!?  There are really two that carry pretty equal inspiration…J Crew catalogs and other bloggers.  I do buy a lot of clothes from J Crew, but mostly I try and put together similar outfits with what I have.  As soon as I get a new catalog I start pulling out the outfits I am going to try and replicate, I even find inspiration in the Crew Cuts section!  I especially love the way they pull together unexpected color combinations and textures.  As for bloggers, I don’t know I ever got dressed before I discovered you guys.  Oh yeah, it was yoga pants and tank tops…

(Yes, I meant two, obviously...and I totally do that too with my J.Crew Catalogs.  Going to have to pay more attention to the Crew Cuts!)

How do you go about picking out your outfits?  Night before, in the morning, in advanced, stock pile of outfits, etc?
In the morning for sure.  I would love to be able to pick out things in advance, but I never know what I will want to wear.  This is particularly troublesome when travelling, especially when I get somewhere and think, “who the heck packed my suitcase?”  I do spend many a night falling asleep while stock piling.

When and why did you start a blog?
I started my blog about 2 years ago because it was something I thought I needed to do for my business.  It was very superficial and I really didn’t know what I wanted or was supposed to be doing.  As I started reading more blogs I found that I was definitely drawn to blogs that featured real people, real clothes, and real thoughts.  Then I kind of pulled it all together, added the jewelry I design, and that’s what my blog is about...mostly.

Where are your favorite places to shop for clothes?  Are you a online shopper or in-person kinda lady?
I am definitely an accessory person, but I do like clothes too.  So here’s the breakdown for those of you who love math:
40% J Crew-mostly online, mostly pencil skirts and tops, some dresses
40% Target-in store CLEARANCE RACK.  I can’t tell you how many amazing $10 dresses and skirts I have found here.  I quite honestly stalk this section.
5% GAP/ON/BR-online, usually jeans and pants only because they have a tall section.  If I pass by one in person I will check out their clearance racks.  Have I mentioned I love a good deal?!
5% other-Anthro, H&M, etc.  This usually happens when another blogger features something I can’t live without.  I rarely venture out beyond the stores above for clothes.

(Love math, love the breakdown. I'm going to have to start paying more attention to Target Clearance racks!)

What Fall trend are you currently loving/plan to love once the weather behaves?
Oh gosh, can I have one of everything?!? 
Saturated colors, healed loafers (which I already bought), and colorful pumps.  Oh, and one more thing, I have no idea if it’s a trend, but I am dying for some over the knee NAVY boots.  DYING.  I even bribed my readers with jewelry if they helped me find them!!  But, since I can’t find them anywhere, it might just be me…

And she's funny, too!  Guys - Go visit Shelly at GS Lillian Daily

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August 28, 2011

Sleepy Sunday

Sweet boy, Chuck, needs a nap.
So do I.

Hope you all had a good weekend, those on the east coast are all safe and sound and are able to rest up for the week ahead.

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August 27, 2011

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August 26, 2011

To Legit To Quit

Some of you may be way over MC Hammer pants (or never for them?)...but these bad boys have an elastic waistband and a looser (you say saggy, I say room for my growing) buttocks area... holla!  And I love this deep green color.  Come on Fall, come to KS already - I wore this all too warm outfit anyways, but I sweated like a hormonal pregnant lady in the sun...oh wait...

{Stripe Blazer - J.Crew (on sale), Gray V-Neck - American Apparel, Pants - Old Navy, $20!, Rope Bracelet - Junghwa via Etsy, $15!, Gold Necklace - Loft}

This is the bracelet I also gave away not too long ago. I LOVE it.  And I can put it on by myself.  Husband LOVES it, too!

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Happy, HAPPY Friday. Have a lovely weekend friends.  

August 25, 2011

A First for Everything

- Real Maternity Pants! My first maternity wear. Baby boy is growing....!
- Thank goodness for friends who've been pregnant before - I'm borrowing these Gap Always Skinny Maternity Jeans from a friend who already popped out her own baby boy.  You probably couldn't even tell they were maternity until that last pic, huh?
- Getting back into yoga after a break while I figured out this new body of mine.  Man I missed it and it isn't as awkward as I thought it was going to be with this belly.
- Almost done with my first DIY project for baby boy - CURTAINS (you can see them here)!  They are up and look great, but I'll need to go back and re-hem.  I guess my measurements were off and they're a bit long... bummer!  So they are almost done.

- Standing, talking to my co-worker when she informs me my baby belly skin is sticking out between my skirt and top.  Thus, today wearing maternity pants.
- Shopping at Old Navy, the baby is moving around and then all the sudden the baby kicks me right in the bladder, causing me to not only run to the bathroom, but pee a little in my pants!  Yes, it's true.  My name is Meggy and I peed my pants (a little).  But it wasn't really my fault...just really good aim from the baby.
- Registering for this baby.  Hubs and I just stare at all the things, options and brands so confused.
- Trying to find a dress to wear to a wedding that is this weekend.  Regular clothes don't fit, maternity clothes don't fit well yet.  This is going to be a stressful last 2 days to find one.
- Making the 25 minute trek out to a local baby store to look at cribs and rockers, only to find them closed (I thought they closed at 8, turns out they closed at 6).  Ok, that's not awkward, that was just frustrating!
- Having a craving (it happens, it really does) for chocolate cake - trying to be better about said craving, I pick up some Organic Cake Mix.  Making it at home, gloating to hubs about my organic purchase, and that it doesn't even need eggs!  It's magic.  Well... he thought that was weird, then I couldn't find baking direction (what to set the oven to), and realize I was making Organic Cake Icing. Ufta.   So back to the store for the real deal - Organic Cake Mix, for real this time.  Ended up not being so bad since then I had icing for my cake...all Organic!

{Gingham button down - Gap, Polka dot tunic - Forever 21, Maternity jeans - Gap, Green wedges - Franco Sarto via Marshalls, Alligator cuff - gift}

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August 24, 2011

Crisp White

Since I'm so ready for Fall already, I thought I better cool my jets and wear some summery things before it's too late.  Like this white dress.  I've only worn this dress once before, so thought I'd squeeze it in again in a little preppy way with stripes and pops of pink.

So speaking of pops of pink.  I've blogged about these shoes before - they are way old from Payless.  I call them my barbie shoes, but I keep on wearing them.  Talk about a super low cost-per-wear!

{Dress - H&M, Stripe Cardi - Old Navy, Pink Belt - Old Navy, Pink Shoes - Payless}

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August 23, 2011

What does a preggo wear to see Katy Perry?

An outfit kinda similar to this one I wore last week, but different.

I went to the Katy Perry concert last week with some work friends.  Keeping up my lace + stripe uniform, this time I wore my gray lace skirt (Target) and a bit of sequins in my stripes (J.Crew).  The sequins made me feel like this outfit was concert-ready, but in hindsight, I wish I had worn a blue wig and a pink dress.  A preggo doesn't have a lot of options for Katy Perry.

{New small constructed cross-body purse from Marshalls - love the turquoise color!}

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August 22, 2011

$25 Giveaway to

Hello friends!  We're starting this Monday off right with a great giveaway from Apothica.  You've probably heard of Apothica by now (and I hosted a giveaway back in Feb), but in case not - let me tell you!  They carry top brands in makeup, hair, fragrance and skin care.  And you could win $25 to spend any way you want at,, and!

A few amazing things I'm eyeing for myself....

Apothica Products.jpg
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August 20, 2011

Back by Popular Demand

I've had quite a few people asking if there will be another Friendship Bracelet Swap since the first one was a ton of fun, and some of you missed it.  So here is your heads up... coming soon: Friendship Bracelet Swap 2.0

Expect more info soon (beginning of September) for an October Blogger Swap Event!  Help me spread the news so no one misses out this time!

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August 19, 2011

Shopping Your Closet

Among my friends, I've gotten several asks to come help them shop their closet and put outfits together.  I have so much fun doing this.  The best part is seeing their faces when I put something they were iffy about with a piece they never thought about pairing it with and how then it transforms their thoughts about that item.

I do this for myself, too.  When I'm feeling particularly inspired (maybe after I flip through a new magazine, a good batch of blogs, the new J.Crew catalog, etc) I'll head to my closet to put together some outfits for the upcoming week/to have on hand.  I usually try to use something I haven't worn in awhile (justify why its still hanging in my closet all at the same time) and put things together I hadn't before.  I then have some outfits on hand when I'm having a non-inspired morning, and wear pieces I haven't in awhile.

I recently helped a friend shop her closet and put together some outfits for work.  She was just getting off maternity leave and heading back to the office.  It's nice to go back feeling fresh and good about what you're wearing.  We laid out the outfits and used her iTouch to snap pics of them, so that later she could flip through for ideas of what to wear.  

Here are a few (of 40+):

Few notes about this friend's closet:
- She had this old leopard cardi and wasn't sure why she had hung out to it for so long.  I was so glad she did, as obviously leopard is huge for Fall.  So I put together several outfits for her using this oldie, but goody.
- Mixing patterns was something newer for my friend.  
-  The floral tank + stripe skirt would be great for day to night.  By layering a simple black cardi over the tank, or a long sleeve black top under it, instantly makes is office appropriate (and suitable for cooler weather).
- I tried to put together a wide range of outfits - some that were more outside her box and safer ones, so she'd have options depending on what mood she was in.
- These clothes were all from her closet.  No shopping required.

I think this method would be great for anyone to do in their own closet, like I do.  
Sure makes getting dressed in the morning easier.
What's your method for putting together an outfit?

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August 18, 2011


Over last weekend, baby boy decided he wanted more room, so popped on out.  And my butt is helping balance out the added weight to the belly area - oh thank you kind butt for also popping out, I know you are just trying to keep me standing.

Also, thank you bright blue jeans for your stretch, to allow me to still wear you since bright pants are so fun right now.  I'm hoping not to miss out on all the fun Fall trends, but if I do, it'll be well worth it.  Anything for this baby boy.

{Leopard Tee - Banana Republic, Blue Jeans - Oldies from Old Navy (similar - only $34!), White "Tank" sticking out is actually the Bella Band holding my unzipped pants up, Flower Pins - New York & Co, Heels - Target}

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Colored Pants | Everybody, Everywear

August 17, 2011

Braids, Stripes, Lace & Leopard

This summer I have been wearing my hair up a ton more than summer's past.  That might be because it's super hot out...or I'm in the unlucky half of pregnant women, where my hair has actually gotten ickier rather than bouncy and shiny like you hear.  Either way, braids are saving me (like last seen here).

This braided look was inspired by this lovely lady here.

{Stripe Top - Old Navy, Turquoise Bubble Necklace - J.Crew via Ebay, Lace Skirt - Marshall's, Leopard Flats - Marshall's}

August 16, 2011


Much like the colors of my new blog design, I was inspired by the colors of a sunset for this outfit...using pinks and oranges, while debuting my new shoes.

The baby is still sitting low, more in my gut, which I think is allowing me to wear more of my normal clothes still, however, he is slowly taking over, so I'm sure my all normal clothes wearing days are numbered.  This skirt, for example, usually skims the top of my knees.

That's ok with me.  I'm ready for him to pop out more and continue to get big and strong.  I have dreams about our little family at night.  I can't wait until December. <3

{Hot Pink Under T Shirt - J.Crew, Orange Top - Target, Pink Rossett Necklace - TwentyFiveDesign, Pink Leather Cuff - c/o Art of Wire, Skirt - Loft, Wedges - Urban Outfitters}

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August 15, 2011

Baby Crib Options

Who knew picking out the perfect baby crib would be so hard?  I actually found my dream crib (who has dream cribs? This is what happens when you get knocked up I guess.), but it's way to expensive.  So we've found some less expensive options, but hubs and I are being extremely picky.  This is where I turn to you trusty readers!!

Reminder of the nursery room look (first posted here), modified a bit with the help of Me & Gisele:

Inspiration Crib that cost way to much:

We don't want anything with a high back or overly bulky.  Here are some found options, but less expensive:

Please vote between the 5 options, or if you have seen something else to recommend!  :) 
I appreciate you always! Thank you!